COVID-19 Safety Tips at Trucking Sites

At our business, like any logistics business, we have a lot of moving bodies. There are railcars coming in, there are trucks coming in, employees, interested partners, people who rent parking, etc. As an essential service provider, we can not stop moving. This makes it necessary for us to up the safety and sanitation of our business.

Here are some measures we’re taking:

We put up signs in English and in Spanish around the site to ensure that we are keeping everyone working with us aware of the protocols. We typed up our own instead of buying them but there are some great ones on Amazon.

Masks required sign posted at the entrance to our office.
Sign at the entrance of our site.

Anyone who works with trucks or around trucks knows that it’s not a pristinely clean business. That doesn’t mean that we stop cleaning! We recommend hiring someone to make sure shared spaces such as restrooms are cleaned daily.

Lastly, we are scheduling one truck driver at a time while loading or unloading. This limits the amount of employees coming in contact with one another. While staggered scheduling may not work for all logistics businesses, it could keep you and your employees safe as well as save time and money.

We hope our tips help and we hope that you all stay safe during these tough times. We can all get through this together, even from afar.

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